So much to catch up on …..

Hey and Hallo Guys

I have so much to catch up on, but first want to share my two (yet two) GoGetFunding Campaigns I have lauched today.

First is for my daughter who you know of, who has been through so much psychologically this last year and finally has found her groove in working with horses.

The other, is with another passion of mine, the two children’s stories I have written so far and just don’t have the funds to fund an illustrator and publishing of the stories. I just don’t understand how regular Joe Soaps achieve this without having loads of disposable income.

So, if you wish to please even donate R10.00ZAR, I would greatly appreciate it.  A third of the proceeds will go towards The Cart Horse Protection Association in Cape Town.

Links below:

A Sweet Girl And Her Passion

My Dream To Uplift Little Ones

We’ll have a good catch up later.



A little something to share ….

We lost a very special part of our family last week Friday.
Ro was my daughter’s kitty for 8/9 years before she sadly passed from leukemia.  The little book that follows was dedicated to her a long time ago.


I wrote this little story for my little girl about 7 or so years ago. Thought I would share it with you good peeps …

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it.