The Stewart’s Hit Cape Town!!!

0511-0809-2920-0454_Family_Going_on_a_Trip_in_the_Car_clipart_image28 August 2012:  Ren (gorgeous daughter) and myself hit Cape Town from Durban!!  Clive (VERY patient husband) had arrived in Cape Town one month earlier for a job opportunity and we followed (naturally).

All our animals flew down also (naturally) and took to the relocation like ducks to water (ok – kitties might not approve of the idiom – which self-repecting feline would!?), my apologies kitties!!!

I will be lying if I say it has been an easy adjustment – we had left everyone and everything we had known back in Durban and embarked on this adventure together – it was scary, exhilarating and humbling.

Thank goodness meeting new friends made thing smoother for us.  Especially one has already seen the “warts and all” side of me (figuratively) and she is still around – a keeper, I say!!!!

Ren has made some great friends at school and is thriving and all is well in the hood!

Have to sign off for now – much more to catch up on.


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