Veggies Rearing to Enjoy Ren’s Year-end BBQ

Ren and I are going to her school’s year-end pool party and BBQ today.   Seems pretty ordinary in itself – difference is we are the only vegetarians at a BBQ – first I pondered (very Pinky and the Brain -like) how we would do this without too much stress – no problem I have packed some nectarines, plums, Clive’s home-made curry, roti’s, watermelon, ice-cold water – YUMMMMMMMMM!  Life is good.  In the past we (for unknown reasons) steered clear of such get-together’s because it just did not seem worth the effort to have to pack separate goodies for  us – OK, I admit it – LAZYNESS.   Well, today things change – we do live in a meat-munching world (for now) and definitely am not missing out on all the fun things because it is easier to not make the effort to go to a function prepared.  New attitude here were go!!!  Who knows, we might be able to encourage someone that you can still be vegetarian and have a fun, interesting life!!!

Critterlover out!


2 thoughts on “Veggies Rearing to Enjoy Ren’s Year-end BBQ

  1. I’m personally not a vegetarian but my brother and his gal friend just became ones & they ‘re in their 50’s. I do love animals though and respect your decision. Good luck in your new location.


    • Thank you very much for your comment. All the best to your brother and his girlfriend. It is not at all difficult to become and remain vegetarian. They will find that restaurants and most supermarkets stock some really good quality soya and vegetarian products which should smooth the transition. In South Africa we have a brand “Fry’s Vegetarian” which is fantastic They have a great range of products. I know they have started branching out across the globe and would be able to tell your brother via their website whether they have in fact got a supplier in your country.


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