My Vegetarian Child


Please stand back a little – my chest has expanded so much with pride, it is unbelievable.

When some people hear that our entire family is vegetarian (including our 9-year old daughter) – the first thing a lot of them say is : “But surely she can’t be getting all the protein, minerals, vitamins, Omegas etc. that she needs to be a healthy child!?”

Well, Ren has proven them wrong – once again!!!!  I got her school results for third grade yesterday and she has achieved “Meritorious Achievements” in three of the four subject groups (70 – 79%) and in Afrikaans language – which she could not read three months ago – she achieved a “Substantial Achievement” – 69%!!!  So much for the issue of developmental disadvantages of being a veggie child!!!

Every year I take her for an annual check-up and she gets a clean bill of health – no aneamia, vitamin deficiency’s etc.  Ren hardly ever gets even a sniffy nose!!  She plays tennis at school and belongs to the school choir and speech and drama group.   Poor, poor child (NOT)!!

Suffice to say, we are SUPER, SUPER proud of our little one!!


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