It has come and gone!!!!

cape townYip, Christmas has come and gone – my child was super impressed by her gifts and has not stopped grinning!!!!!!     This has been our most relaxing, stress-free festive season  in YEARS, and we all LOVED IT!!!!!  Don’t be mistaken, we love out families a WHOLE bunch and miss them dearly but with all the stress of the relocation has taken it out of us well and truly – this we only realised when we sat outside on our little veranda breathing in the Cape Town evening air.

It has been a busy week or two.    My mother-in-law came for a visit for 6 days and it was quite busy!!!  We went to the Castle of Good Hope , V&A Waterfront , Simon’s Town ,   to the scratch patch, and went penguin watching,  – a LOT of walking was done.   All in all we had a good time.

There are so many things to be grateful for…. t.b.c.

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