ImageThis week my poor mouth had a traumatic time.  Monday I had three of my wisdom teeth removed and today had the last man standing surgically removed.  My mouth DID NOT appreciate the violent attack on it (and still does not)!!  Wisdom teeth got their name because they rear their nasty little heads later in life and we are therefor supposedly “wiser”.  Well, I questioned the “wiser” bit  a whole lot by Thursday when I popped yet another little blue pill on the way to work and at lunchtime “enjoying” my sandwich with little “guppy-style” bites, trying to avoid any food ending up in the holes.  I must say that things are slowly looking up and though quite sore and swollen, my husband and daughter are keeping me happy with good company and lots of drinking yogurt.  Added bonus – Whatever weight I might have gained in the festive season has also been sorted – so, you know, maybe not a complete lose – lose situation.   By next week I should be up and at it again and be able to get back to running – I MISS IT SOOOOOO MUCH!!

Ciao for now!

One thought on “TANYA – 01 / WISDOM TEETH – 00

  1. Aw, I hope you recover quickly. I’ve heard getting your wisdom teeth can be painful. Sounds like your hubby and daughter are taking good care of you. Hang in there my friend! 🙂


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