vector-of-a-cartoon-flexible-woman-doing-yoga-coloring-page-outline-by-ron-leishman-13479Saturday marked the first day of my yoga classes. After not teaching for a while, I decided to get my “Ohm” on and start teaching again. I loved it!!!!! There are few physical activities that make me feel so refreshed and relaxed afterwards – ready to take on ANYTHING! I had a nice turn-out and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. My favourite part is watching everyone as they come out of the relaxation, looking as if they had a good sleep (only 15 minutes). When I see that, my work is done!!!! Teaching a beginner’s class is really rewarding, I get to see everyone grow strong and confident in front of my eyes. I was super proud of everyone on Saturday – well done!!!

Here’s a huge shout-out to Clive, Naobie, Nabila and Yaseen.


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