How to Save Your Shoulders in Chatturanga Dandasana

Paisley Anne

How many times do you do Chaturanga Dandasana, Four Limbed Staff Pose or Low Plank, when you practice yoga? Practice a couple of times a week and the load on your shoulders adds up. What’s “downstream” —your wrists and elbows— will be strained if your shoulders are in poor alignment, too. Let’s breakdown the pose to keep your shoulders, wrists and elbows healthy, happy and pain-free.

Begin in Plank

From the top of your push up position, draw your shoulder blades onto your back so your arm bones plug back into the sockets. When you do this, your chest descends down towards the floor and forward through the window of your arms. Just make sure your hips and belly don’t sag.

Elbows In-Line With Shoulders

As you begin to lower, lead with your chest and keep your collar bones broad. Shift your weight forward as you descend; you’ll move on a…

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