Yoga and Me

1385652_515928711833792_474970220_nWhy do I love yoga?  I asked myself the question this morning.  I came to the conclusion that it is a lot like life.    You have to persevere.  Yes, you are going to come across events or “asana’s” that seem IMPOSSIBLE,  but through a great deal of stubbornness and determination get some things right and need to accept that other things we are not going to be able to accomplish.  We have a choice to get depressed about these limitations or accept them (to the best of our ability).  I am of the opinion though, that we should not entirely give up on these things we could not get right in the past and go back to them and try again.  Maybe the time was not right before and this time – EUREKA!!!!   I love watching my fellow yogi’s in class and getting excited for them when they can do an asana correctly and see how proud they are of their achievement.

I still run from time to time, but yoga is my passion.  Not always easy with working a full-time job and being a mom and wife.  That, I think, is why it is so important to me.  It is my release!!!  I need it!!  

What is your passion?

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