Fractured Identity: I come from something.


Reclaim the Warrior

I used to believe that I came from nothingStephanie Campos  (11)

I arose from the earth that split through the concrete

The bastard child of two worlds

I played war as a girl with the pieces given to me

My fragmented identity

did not match the Eurocentric definitions of rights to privilege.

Nor could I shapeshift

to fit into the popular portrayal of the noble savage.

My desirable image,

relegated to a dusty history book and staged photographs.

This is what real Indians must look like

So what am I? I asked

My father told me of his youths aspiration

To collect his first welfare cheque

Breeded and bound to poverty

He broke that first link that held us back

Shovelling pig shit and breaking sweat to dig us out

So that we, as children could be replanted, in fertile ground

He sat my brothers and I in a row

One littleā€¦

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