Taking a Break (and not feeling guilty)

First_Sabbatical_Art‘Tis the time of year when people tend to take a break.   Everyone goes “Heck, yeah!!!!!!”.  I don’t mind taking a break from work, but taking a week and a half break from my yoga practice, that I am not too sure about.   Will it affect my practice negatively?  I hope not.  One reason behind the break is the fact that two months ago I pulled my left hamstring badly and thought I could just carry on with my normal practice and  it would sort itself out – WRONG!!!!!  It is still *&%^$#@ sore!!   Knowing that this is for the best, why do I still feel guilty?!

There seems to be the common belief that being busy is equal to being productive, I am going to endeavor from now on to be still (and be comfortable with it) in order to be more useful.

I have also purged my technology somewhat.  Bid adieu to Facebook and Twitter and cleaned out my contact list on email and feel great about it!!!!

Wish me luck!!!!!

Have a safe festive season everyone!!!!

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