What I have learnt from the past……

The past three montmother 1hs have been tumultuous, first my brother-in-law is murdered in an attempted hijacking and then my mother passed away suddenly – our worlds have been shaken to the foundations.  One thing that I perhaps can see as a positive,  is that such events cause us to look at life and the choices we make in our lives, that bring us to the point we find ourselves at at any given moment.   To say the least my mother, my sister and I had a very difficult time when we were children due to circumstances we could not control – my mother was our rock and we knew above all, whatever decisions she made, was for our welfare above all.    It was the three of us against the world.  I think even with my mother’s passing – it still is the case.  My mother was awesome, it does not quite explain how I saw her, but it honestly is the word I think describes her best.   Yes, our growing up years were not conventional or easy, but my mother taught us that NOTHING was greater than her love for us and her grand-children.  I honour her memory and though, intellectually, I know that she is no longer with us, in my heart I feel she never has left me and will always be there.  I am not religious – too many things in the passing of time have happened to me that have left me not able to accept that there can be a being that allows such pain and suffering.

There are other events in life that, though not pleasant when they occur, shape us in so many ways.  When they happen, we question why and feel sorry for ourselves.  I have decided to let these events be a lesson – being happy that once I was loved unconditionally by people and that knowing these people may have helped me end up where I am in life today.  It is not about where I am physically but emotionally and spiritually .

I have a long way to go – don’t trust people easily – but is the thing with life, it is a work in progress…

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