What is closure?

Previously I wrote about my mother’s passing and my intention to honour her memory by staying strong and trying not to  allow sadness get the better of me.  Well, I thought I was doing OK – not.   Tomorrow my mother’s furniture and some bits and bobs will arrive at my house.  I contact the movers to confirm delivery – no problem.  I get up to give my manager a heads-up that I might have to pop out to receive the furniture and it happens……. The flood gates open.  I never knew what hit me.  I took a moment on our balcony, composed myself and got back to business as usual. I am fine, I thought – WRONG!!!!!

I am still, 7 hours later, not feeling “fine”.  Surely grieving should be a kind of healing and acceptance process. Why do I feel so guilty for being sad?  Go figure…….

Maybe time will heal, I am not sure. Seems like a cliché at this point.  The furniture arriving is a symbol that it is over – final – finished.


Every day is a new day, a new beginning, a new opportunity to learn how to process this loss – perhaps…

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