My Definition of Wealth

Deep breath… here goes. Wow, how my life has changed since my last post! These last two weeks have been rather traumatic. But then I realised while stargazing today in the planetarium, how truly wealthy I am. True, I am not sure where I am laying my head in a week and a half’s time – but I have a small nucleus of friends (and three awesome pooches) who are so special they will never ever fathom what they mean to me. Now, let me just say – no wine was involved at the time of going to press (giggle – hic). All that is missing is an 11 year old piece of my heart (a huge chunk-mind you) and when she is ready, I will welcome her with open arms and she will know how much I love and cherish her. Thank you all – I love you (not in a Freddy Kruger, stalkerish kind of way).Ā 


(The light in me bows to the light in you)

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