The Big 45

Here I lay in bed 23 minutes into my 45th birthday saying to hell with this self-deprecating, negative, idiotic rantings I have in my head to myself, lately more often than not, problem is, I have said it out loud once or twice in front of my apple of my eye. Do I want her to grow up believing that how the media, friends, movies and Mommy in an indirect way say what is acceptable in order for you to succeed in life and to be happy – HELL NO!!!!! From this day forward 23 Punters Way is a four letter word namely DIET free zone. Healthy eating, exercise done for enjoyment and of course the benefits that come with that. And love love love. When I leave this world, I hope Ren will remember her Mama as loving, kind, compassionate and she would know I loved her to the sky and back. And not perhaps the contrary memory of My Mommy was sad a lot because she could just not reach that goal weight. My two cents for today….
As you were My Sweets xxxxxxx    


Home-schooling, work-from-home, kid’s story writing, chewing my nails to the core (and kind of in a sick way loving all the chaos) Mom

4847154381_1a4d749652Well, life sure has a way of basically doing just what the heck it wants, whether you like it or not.

Since February, I have been home with my daughter, home-schooling. I must admit – I was petrified of the prospect of taking on this monumental task of preparing my daughter for the great big world out there on an academic level as well as the expected life lessons etc, I think it has been going just great – if I might say so myself!

When I stopped working, I had the intention of starting a yoga studio and run it from home – once again, good ol’ life threw a curve-ball – and hence home-schooling and working from home.

Now, working-from-home is also not as straight forward as people might think, there are so many companies out there who employ people on such a basis, but you REALLY need to do your homework regarding their validity – I have been caught more than once.

Being at home, I could finish a story I started writing for my little one then she was 5 or 6 years old – well, lo and behold – I published an e-book just to see how things pan out. I will admit I really enjoyed writing the story and think that might just be my thing!!!

Now, I will be posting a button at the bottom of all my blogs now and for the heck of it in any other correspondence I can think of to get the word out!!!

I bid you adieu my friend …